Tuesday, 18 December 2007

No hangover!!!

Thanks to the wonderful advice of Dr Hillary Jones on Steve Wright in the Afternoon, I do not have a hangover. I will have to send them an e-mail to thank them. Despite drinking copious amounts of alcoholic beverage last night at the shop - so much that I lost count and couldn't say 'Wingham Wools' at one point- I drank two pints of water when I got home, one with 2 tablets of vitamin C and then had paracetemol this morning with a cup of tea. OK, so I haven't had the banana smoothie that Dr Hillary swears by, but I did pretty much follow all the other advice. I think this is the first time in my life that I've actually thought he's been of any use.

Well, we had a very good night last night. It was lovely to see someone I hadn't seen for a while (Wendy Knitwit) as well as welcome a newbie (Davina). Heaven only knows what she thinks of me; she must think I am a complete alkie! Cheryl looked fantastic in a jacket she had knitted all by herself - photo to follow tomorrow when I've got the camera. I have to admit that my memory of the evening is somewhat patchy, although I do remember some of the conversations! I also remember being determined to do some knitting - heavens only knows what it looks like. I am sure I will find that quite amusing tomorrow when I have a look at it. Perhaps someone can fill me in on what was discussed?!! I remember asking people not to buy anything so I didn't have to use the computer. I must have been bad. Hopefully I was just amusing.

So I brought in the deceased Chippy Minton last night (he got cut up in frustration). The other figures are just as much a pain in the arse as him. Hopefully a miracle will happen and I will get them done in two days - there's absolutely no way I'm going to get any knitting done until this evening, given the way I feel just now.

I have a day with the kids to look forward to now. We're off to the cinema later. I don't know if you saw Yarn Harlot's blog a few days ago, but she talked about having small children and about them essentially running your life, allowing you to have a life of your own when they feel like it (or something along those lines). You would think that being self-employed means that you can mix your professional life in more easily with family demands. I don't think that's true for a minute, in fact it is harder as people have different expectations of you (i.e. your husband). There are certainly benefits though, like the fact I can essentially decide not to open the shop should my kids be ill, and I wouldn't be able to not go into work if I had an office job (I don't know how people with small kids who both work cope when the little ones are sick).

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