Saturday, 23 February 2008

3rd time lucky!

So I've tried to post twice on to the blog from the shop, so I thought I'd try a quick go at home to see if this a better option.

Not much to report, except that it's Ravelry day next week and I'm very excited but also very nervous as there's so much to do before then. Lots of lovely people are being very supportive - lots of the Crafty Cottagettes are coming for the day to help out, and Louisa Harding is sending us some goodies for a raffle as she's unable to come along. We've got some fantastic new yarns winging their way to us - such as Rosarios4 milk fibre yarn from Portugal and the new Chou'7 sock yarn from Bergere de France - as well as everyone's favourite Noro Silk Garden and Kureyon- and some lovely Silky Merino from Manos del Uruguay... Just hope the Peaches n Creme, Handmaiden, Fleece Artist & Malabrigo arrive on time!!!

Also very exciting is that we've got some local small companies' yarn at the shop now- Charkha Yarns and Shades of Cashmere, and there may well be more by the end of the week.

I've got to get back to tension square knitting now - I'm determined that there will be a square of prett much every yarn before the end of the week!

Look forward to meeting you all

A very tired Jo