Thursday, 21 August 2008

On Scotland

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I love Scotland. The countryside is so beautiful, colours are so rich (despite the dreich weather). I'm on a short break here at my mother in laws and had the pleasure on going up to Skye and Raasay for a couple of days. Yesterday, we visited a place I have long wanted to visit; Shilasdair yarns at Waternish on Skye.

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The yarns are quite simply heavenly.
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The best part for me was not so much as soaking in all the colour but was meeting Eva and seeing her dyeing room. She's such a lovely lady, and the kids really warmed to her too.
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The lady working for Eva (didn't get a name but had on a fantastic Kaffe Fassettesque handknitted cardigan and beautiful silk skirt which matcher perfectly) was so fantastic with Robbie. He had a fantastic time helping stack the shelves and I had to get him a hank of aran red yarn to make him a hat as a reminder of his visit.

It goes without saying that I think a lot of the Scots. On our honeymoon, Doug bought me a book from Borders in Toronto called something like 'How the Scots invented the modern world'. You can see signs all around about what an ingenious people they are. Plus they make the best engineers too! I've been told that some of Doug's colleagues from Jaguar read my blog which I find absolutely hilarious, seeing as I'm sure they're not interested in the slightest in knitting. Doug will not divulge names, but you know who you are!!

I don't pay much attention to comments on my blog, I just see it as some kind of diary actually, but am grateful to said computer geeks at Jaguar for highlighting someone's comments to a previous post. I'm amazed that a fashion designer from Rio de Janiero has left a comment on here too (I had to translate the comment in Babelfish which was interesting!). Now get back to your CAD drawings! (I'm sure you must be CAD engineers but as I said, he won't tell me!)

Off to Edinburgh this afternoon, partly to see some of the Festival but mainly to go to K1Yarns. There was something in one of Yarn Harlot's books (I don't have time to read her blog but do read her books as I'm an avid reader) about knowing you're addicted to knitting when you plan holidays etc. around yarn shops and the such like!

I was very heartened to read that I can possibly throw in a couple of extra quick projects for the Ravlympics (I forgot to bring the Debbie Bliss aran project with me so need to make up by doing some quick projects!) and as it's Thursday morning I reckon I can throw in a couple of projects before Sunday's deadline.

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