Sunday, 24 August 2008

The Olympics is almost over


I've knitted so much in the last few weeks and whilst it's been highly enjoyable I'm tired. Not of knitting, but of thinking about knitting. Here are yesterday's offerings to Bobicus Maximus, for which I was given two badges:

scotland august 08 093


scotland august 08 089

I also finished a quick hat yesterday which was intended to be a 'thank you' present to Doug for all his support of me knitting and not doing other stuff - but of course is a bit too small for him and makes his head look even bigger than it's 24", so this is obviously going to be Robbie's (his winter hat he says). One more thing to finish, a scarf, and then that's my knitting finished for the next few days. Doug says he gives me two hours. We'll see.

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