Friday, 16 May 2008

Dishcloth frenzy and fab calculator

First of all, I've been having a quick surf in the free patterns at Knitting Daily and found a fantastic calculator thingy which I've got to share with anyone thinking of designing their own sweaters...

It's completely fab. Maths is far from my strong point and is the main reason why I've not attempted to design before. But with fab calculators like this available, I need have no fear. I can start putting all these ideas floating around in my head on to paper at long last...

I've not very much to post. I've spent the last couple of days franticall knitting dishcloths and am happy with the results, especially the last one. Here's what they look like.

1. A knitted textured discloth in P&C Peacock and Mardi di Gras

2. A plain ol' Grandmother's favourite in P&C Gumdrop
3. Another knitted texture with a larger moss stitchborder (don't really like how colours pooled on this one)

4. A really quick plain one for Zoe, with her name and flower drawn by Robs on a piece of paper and me copying them on to the dishcloth.

5. And finally a ballband dishcloth in White and Lemon-lime. I love this pattern - guess what people are going to be getting for Christmas and birthdays from now on?!!!
With regards to Crafty Cottage, I'm not sure what's going on. I'm in the process of closing the online shop for now and am probably going to set up an eBay shop. There's a lot going on in the family and I need to devote my time to them and not worry about sending out parcels. Plus the grumpy Post Office man here in the village won't let me send parcels with PayPal labels on as he doesn't get any commission from them which means I need to go into Coventry, and although that's not too far away I'm fed up of having to queue at busier Post Offices with two children who take delight in winding up their mother and being as naughty/loud/whiny/all three as possible!


lottie said...

hi sweetie
you'll have to let me know when i can get more P&C from you but you can come have free soup and coffee here rather than get annoyed by the man in the post office!

lottie said...

love the dishcloths btw. I'm so addiced to making them now hehehehe

Catia Rosa said...

É porta o que? Achei muito lindo!!!! bjsss