Tuesday, 11 December 2007

So I can hear a Bob Marley - yes him of Liquid fame (the Cov KnitWits will know what I mean!) - singing 'don't worry about a thing, 'cos every little thing going to be alright'.

First of all, I feel very blessed that I have made some wonderful friends this year. Thank you to everyone for caring. I'm really glad that you all like the shop so much!

I am feeling pretty confident that the shop is going to be OK. I've had lots of prayers and offers of help from some lovely people, so here's hoping that it will all work out. I really believe that everything happens for a reason and perhaps I'm not meant to be doing this on my own anymore.

The baby on the blog, by the way, is Zoe. It's the very first photo of her, taken literally a minute after she was born. She was the inspiration for me to knit again, so it seemed fitting to put a photo of her on here.

I've got to get back to the needles. My sister goes to Canada tomorrow and I've got to finish the lace chevron beret for her. It's a pretty simple knit but interesting enough that you need to think a wee bit, which is pretty good seeing as I feel tired and sore. I'm doing it in Silk Garden Lite to match the Argosy scarf. I think she's going to look quite fab and ever so stylish. I've then got to get back to the Camberwick Green figures that I'm doing for a lady at the solicitors next door. She can't knit, and told me that her three year old son loves Camberwick Green. So the mug I am said I would knit them for her. I am hating it; firstly she got the required horrible acrylic from up the road- how can anyone enjoying knitting with acrylic is beyond me (yes, I am a complete yarn snob)- and they're so bloody fiddly. Alan Dart has got a lot to answer for! Note to self: refuse to knit anything designed by Alan Dart ever again unless it can be knitted in proper wool and is of a decent size (i.e the Ark)!

Have a good day all


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