Saturday, 10 January 2009

Mad ideas while driving

I don't know about you, but I tend to have some of my best ideas when in the car. One day I will figure out why. Anyway, today's idea was to organise a national Ravelry get together and destash day, the idea being that Ravellers all meet in one central location with their stashes and then either sell or trade them, as they can do on Ravelry. They can meet other Ravellers, maybe buy some more (British) yarn from a small independent producer, have some really good tea and cake, and maybe go along to a talk or workshop too. But the main idea was to be a bit like Ravelry in the flesh for a day.

So I posted this idea on a few forums on Ravelry, and it seems to have gone down well. The only problem is, when to hold it. I had originally thought of the beginning of May, and then it was soon pointed out to me that Wonderwool takes place at the end of April. And then I realised that Woolfest takes place at the end of June. So, for me, the logical idea is either the last Saturday in May (another Bank Holiday) or the first Saturday in June. My personal preference is the first Saturday in June, seeing as most working people get paid at the end of the month and this should therefore help in the destashing/stash enrichment programme that will hopefully be taking place for hundreds of Ravellers...

BTW, I will be inviting everyone mentioned below on the 'Buying British' post below to see if they'd like to come and sell you some of their wares...

ETA: I've just checked out dates of Bank Holidays in May. The 25th is the Spring Bank Holiday, so personal preference is for 30th May.

Here’s my brainstorming:

  • You decide you want to come along.
  • You buy a ticket* and get a table number.
  • You come along to Coventry on the day with your stash and cash, and a Ravelry badge
  • You perhaps donate an item you've knitted for the charities we will be collecting for
  • You then sell/trade/donate to charity your stash (as you can do here on Ravelry)
  • You meet fellow Ravellers, and perhaps do some knitting.
  • You have tea and cake (and believe me it’s good tea and cake )
  • You have a look at some stalls and maybe buy some yarn or something similar
  • You perhaps have a wander around the exhibition and/or watch a fashion show
  • You have some more tea and cake , and perhaps a sandwich too
  • You maybe listen to a talk or take part in a workshop
  • You have a book or pattern signed by that person
  • You knit
  • You have another cup of tea before leaving with lots of new yarn and catch the train home/drive home…
* Hopefully this will become a free event and all we'll ask you to pay for is a stamp!

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